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Introduction to Codejig ERP

Why Codejig ERP?

Codejig ERP is an accounting software designed for micro, small and medium-sized businesses. It automates core processes such as sales and purchases, inventory management, CRM and much more. The application is focused on simplicity, functionality and customization. It can be easily extended to meet unique needs of your company. With Codejig ERP one can add new data fields and types, create forms and menus, change design and manage security. Application logic can be adjusted fast and with little effort - no other business software provides this capability. The customization is made entirely online. It does not require expert coding skills and does not break compatibility with future releases of standard version. ERP integrates seamlessly with all kinds of third-party software - the business logic is completely open and there are no practical programming limitations.

One application, one solution

  • Easy invoicing - read more or just try it!
  • CRM: leads, opportunities and all the standard staff Read more
  • Double entry bookkeeping with support of multiple currencies and custom / sub-accounts Read more
  • VAT tracking with the ability to register as a VAT agent in various EU countries and track availability of goods for reduced VAT rates Read more
  • Warehouse management: tracking movement of goods, their balances, bookings and delivery Read more
  • Detailed product information: images, bar codes, sales charts Read more
  • Expanded reporting system: provision of documents, status of payments, closure of invoices, refund system Read more
  • Product assembly, product write off, inventory adjustments Read more
  • Financial reporting according to different standards: country specific, US-GAAP, IFRS
  • Extensive handling of sales and purchase processes including standard documents and relatively complex cases, such as return of goods by customer, etc. Read more
  • Fixed assets: commissioning, decommissioning, depreciation Read more
  • Handling of incoming and outgoing payments, import of bank statements, bank integrations Read more
  • Advanced filtering and search functionality of all documents Read more
  • Fine-grained user management and access control Read more
  • Full tracking of modification history for each document - ability to browse the history and view the document after each edit Read more
  • Multilingual: not only user interface but data as well - ability to translate all text data where necessary Read more
  • Modern, mobile friendly and consistent user interface Read more