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Introduction to Codejig ERP

Why Codejig ERP?

Codejig ERP is an accounting software designed for micro, small and medium-sized businesses. It automates core processes such as sales and purchases, inventory management, CRM and much more. The application is focused on simplicity, functionality, and customization. It can be easily extended to meet the unique needs of your company. With Codejig ERP one can add new data fields and types, create forms and menus, change the design and manage security. Application logic can be adjusted fast and with little effort - no other business software provides this capability. The customization is made entirely online. It does not require expert coding skills and does not break compatibility with future releases of the standard version. ERP integrates seamlessly with all kinds of third-party software - the business logic is completely open and there are no practical programming limitations.
  • Easy invoicing
    You will be able to create comprehensive invoices from scratch using our ERP solution. It will also help you to reduce manual input and errors, and you will benefit from field autocompletion. You will also be able to use this ERP software to turn any of your sales documents into invoices. Read more
  • CRM
    Manage and track leads, opportunities, contacts, and more. Our ERP solution lets you keep all important customer data in one place. It will also help you to improve customer relations. With this ERP software, you will be able to run your business from anywhere, establish better communication with your colleagues which will lead to an increase in the revenue of your business. Read more
  • Warehouse management
    Manage inbound/outbound logistics and end-to-end inventory in real-time using our cloud-based ERP. Track the movement of goods, their balances, bookings, and delivery to make sure that all your products are accounted for. You will be able to manage single or multiple warehouses with ease. Read more
  • Detailed reporting system
    Generate detailed reports with real-time data in our cloud ERP software. You will be able to generate any kind of report analytics whenever they are needed. This will give you an overview of the important aspects of your business and how to manage them. Read more
  • Financial reporting
    Our online ERP system lets you use real-time data to create standard or customized financial reports. These reports could be according to different standards such as country-specific, US-GAAP, or IFRS.
  • Fixed assets
    Manage your fixed assets with ease using our ERP software. Follow your fixed assets through their life cycle. This will give you an estimate of the value of your fixed assets. Read more
  • Sales and leads management
    Extensive handling of sales and purchase processes including standard documents and relatively complex cases, such as return of goods by the customer, etc. Track your leads from the first contact until they become customers. Read more
  • Fine-grained user management and access control
    Using the Codejig accounting software users are able to set goals, allocate tasks and access controls, and manage projects easily. This will ease the job of the manager and the employees will become more productive. Read more
  • Managing financial transactions
    Managing your financial transactions has never been this easy. You will be able to manage incoming and outgoing payments, import bank statements, and bank integrations with ease. The Codejig accounting software makes it easy for you to send information about payments that are to be made to your bank. Read more
  • Double-entry bookkeeping
    Our accounting software provides you with double-entry bookkeeping and support of multiple currencies and custom / sub-accounts. It gives you complete control over your transactions. You will also be able to use charts of accounts tailored to the needs of your company. Read more
  • VAT tracking
    The Codejig enterprise resource planning software simplifies the process of Value Added Tax reporting. It gives users the ability to register as a VAT agent in various EU countries and track the availability of goods for reduced VAT rates. Read more
  • Detailed product information
    Use images, bar codes, and sales charts to get detailed information about your products. Using our software, you will be able to update information about your products at any time. Read more
  • Inventory management
    Product assembly, product write off, and inventory adjustments are made easy. You will never run out of stock. Read more
  • Advanced filtering and search functionality of all documents
    Our ERP software provides you with powerful search and filtering functionalities. Users will also be able to sort your data in any order that suits them. Read more