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Customer portals

Deliver intuitive experience on any device offering customer self-service, web and mobile-friendly apps, chatbots and automated technical support. Increase new customer conversion by providing an easy-to-use app and keeping it secure at the same time, integrating third-party software for identity verification, document signature and authentication. Codejig is meant to handle thousands of transactions and numerous users, providing security and efficiency at the same time.

Workflows automation

Automate settlements, document approval chain and regular tasks, such as customer support. Our platform was designed to handle finances and provide unique features, such as a full audit trail, conducting and diluting transactions, GRC management. However, Codejig allows simplifying the tasks for both front-office and back-office personnel. Create beautiful and reliable apps with step-by-step instructions to allow your employees to work even more efficiently.

Modernization of existing systems

Support core processes by replacing the legacy system and reducing technical debt. Ensure fast and secure scaling, business continuity and reliability of the solution. Aging systems have a poor level of customization, high maintenance costs and impact employee performance. Codejig has a powerful feature — it can generate and import instances from an existing database, meaning migration of your services in months instead of years. Create and use the software that fits the needs of your organization and satisfies your customers.

Internal HR management

Create services to onboard a new employee or improve the skills of more advanced personnel. Manage payroll, timesheets, vacations, track new hires and dismissal processes. Integrate any document portal or policy repository to consolidate all the information in one place and help your employees navigate easier through daily tasks.

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