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Security and control

Make sure your critical business data is safe and will never leak to unauthorized parties

Manage users: add, delete, activate and deactivate

Invite your employees or teammates to collaborate in Codejig ERP: create new users, assign User or Developer licenses to them, activate users who you intend to grant access to the application, deactivate users who are no longer entitled to access and use Codejig ERP accounting software. Each invited user is automatically requested to create their personal Codejig account that enables them to manage their personal information at Codejig platform, submit requests or helpdesk tickets to our customer support, enroll on Codejig webinars, request the creation of their own applications.

Create comprehensive permission sets

Security of your information is our top priority. That’s why, we have enabled fine-grained permissions for Codejig ERP accounting software. Determine who can access and do what in the system. Based on user roles or whether users have to be authorized or not, enable different types of users to perform specific actions, such as create,update, view or delete files, post and unpost documents, etc. Assign permissions at the highest possible level — for the entire system — and/or for particular documents or directories.