VAT kit: define and manage your VAT process

by handling VAT registration, setting VAT rates, creating and filing VAT returns, and much more

Let the system know you have to charge VAT from now on

Being registered for VAT entails assuming certain VAT responsibilities and becoming eligible for the return of VAT. Let Codejig ERP automate all VAT processes for you by providing key information about your VAT registration. Codejig ERP also accommodates the scenario of you being registered as a VAT-payer in multiple countries. If your VAT registration is cancelled, just specify this in the system, and Codejig ERP will turn off the VAT functionality for all subsequent business operations.

Prepare and file customs import declarations

Codejig ERP aims to simplify all daunting and often tedious tasks, and the creation of customs import declarations is no exception. You will never fail to provide information about a single good to be declared since now you don’t have to add products to your declarations manually. Create declarations based on purchase documents, and Codejig ERP will automatically copy all goods and their details from a specific purchase invoice or a goods and services receipt and add them to your declaration.

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