Professional accounting was never that easy

Master any accounting operation in no time, regardless if it is a standard sales transaction or one of a kind operation

Chart of accounts tailored for your company

Record all your business transactions and create financial statements with the help of a chart of accounts. Use the default chart or customize it, reorganize the structure of the chart, rename accounts, change details of each account or even create new ones.

Complete control over transactions

Manual transaction tool contains the wide range of instruments to record any type of transaction manually with a complete control over the process. It gives the opportunity to record such unique cases as filling in the data about charter capital, making corrections to draw up the balance sheet, and much more.

Group accounts to make reporting even easier

Organize your financial reports with the help of balance items. Use preset balance items to group your chart of accounts or tailor them to your needs to make you official reporting as easy as it can be.

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