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No matter whether you are building a business management tool or looking for a customizable CRM system, the Codejig rapid application development platform with ready-made framework, components and support of visual and traditional coding can be used to meet business requirements in a fast and efficient way. Create your own app on our cloud platform for cost-effective and timely application development.
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The approach laid out in the 1980s

As early as 1986, Synon Corporation pioneered the approach to software development, which later became known as Architected Rapid Application Development. Its Synon/2 tool allowed developers to focus on the development of data models and automatically generated high-level language application code according to a selected pattern. The tool was a hit in the development community and is still in use today. The generic RAD approach introduced in the early days of Synon Corporation is continued to be elaborated by successor platforms and forms the foundation of the technology behind rapid application development tools and Codejig products.
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Rapid prototyping technology

Rapid prototyping is often used as a part of the rapid application development methodology. Rapid prototyping technology is the key element of RAD’s speed because it allows sharing the app prototype with the target user groups, to test it and to consider user feedback. The possibility of visualizing prototypes and simulating application behavior, as well as collaboration on prototypes greatly increases the chances of acceptance of the application by end-users. Once a prototype is validated, developers build a working model based on a defined set of requirements. With the help of rapid application development tools, such as Codejig App Builder, ideas get rapidly translated into visual and functional representations.
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A win-win strategy

Higher usability is achieved by giving more attention to the business problems that are critical to end-users rather than the technical problems that are of interest to developers. Therefore, clients get a carefully designed working product in a shorter span of time. It’s a win-win strategy.
Rapid prototyping process

Disadvantages of rapid application development

Rapid prototyping process requires much more interaction between developers and clients throughout the entire software life-cycle. Unlike in the traditional approach, users are involved from the beginning and through virtually the whole process of software development. So, if clients are not ready to commit to working closely with the development team, the Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach may not be the best solution for you. If you work on a very large application, much attention must be paid to proper application architecture design. The rush into prototyping at the expense of the design phase may backfire in later stages of the software development life cycle. That is why it is important to define your project before using rapid application development tools.
Rapid prototyping technology


Like any model and methodology, rapid app development is the most suitable for a particular class of business applications and cases. It is not a silver bullet and it can neither transform bad software engineers into good ones nor, taken alone, ensure the success of the software project. No methodology or tool can do that. However, if you are not quite sure what approach to choose, rapid application development with Codejig App Builder is a good one to start with.