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No matter whether you are building a business management tool or looking for a customizable CRM system, the Codejig rapid application development platform with ready-made framework, components and support of visual and traditional coding can be used to meet business requirements in fast and efficient way. Create your own app on our cloud platform for cost-effective and timely application development.
Rapid application development tool

What is rapid application development

Rapid application development (RAD) is an agile and iterative approach to building software centered on adaptability, fast prototyping and early engagement of end users. Due to putting more emphasis on adaptive process instead of planning, RAD enables teams to effectively collaborate and create new applications faster. Rapid application development model allows you to measure progress and communicate on evolving issues or changes in real time. This results in greater efficiency, better optimized development process and more productive communication. Related project management techniques are best described in a classic "Rapid development" book by Steve McConnell.

Rapid application development tools include graphical user interface builders, CASE tools and code generators. New generation RAD tools, such as low-code or no-code RAD platforms make it possible to create your own app with a fraction of coding effort required previously or, in simple cases, to build app without code at all.
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Squeeze years into days

In traditional software development life cycle development starts with planning and designing being followed by building a basic version, testing it and adjusting according to the received feedback. This process may take months or years. Instead, with Codejig rapid application development platform that has powerful inbuilt tools, developers deliver apps in days or weeks. RAD platform does not eliminate the need for planning and testing but enables the developers and other team members to condense things and do them much faster than with traditional development tools.
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Advantages of rapid application development

Rapid application development model is one of the most functional software development models available today, beneficial to both developers and clients. RAD model allows to minimize the planning stage and maximize the prototype development stage. Minimal value product (MVP) appears faster than with other project management approaches. Business gets an opportunity to review functionality earlier in the application life cycle, which helps to avoid rework. Moreover, users can interact with evolving prototypes, which gives an opportunity to estimate risk factors and adjust to them based on empirical evidence collected in the early phase of the process.
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Development from front-end to back-end

Traditionally, designing an enterprise app that covers your business needs requires involving both front-end and back-end developers with different skill sets. The growing demand for moving existing applications to new platforms and building applications to support new products and services is much bigger than the capacity of most IT departments to deliver. However, rapid application development tool allows to produce competitive solutions with a single skill set. The Codejig RAD platform uses the same visual language for front-end and back-end. It simplifies development process, so you no longer need multiple complex technologies to create interactive customizable apps for mobile, cloud, and on-premise deployments.
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Like any model and methodology, rapid application development is the most suitable for a particular class of business applications and cases. It is not a silver bullet and it can neither transform bad software engineers into good ones, nor, taken alone, ensure the success of the software project. No methodology or tool can do that. However, if you are not quite sure what approach to chose, rapid application development with Codejig App Builder is a good one to start with.