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At Codejig, we believe in a new innovative approach to building software. We are passionate about creating better and faster tools so we could make a difference. Contribute to your business today with Codejig so we could celebrate your success tomorrow.

Thinking Outside the Code

We started our product in 2013 and are constantly improving it by enriching set of tools with the new functionality. We have a unique vision of low-code application, and follow the best practices in every line of code.

We believe that complex architecture, numerous dependencies and extended development teams should be left in the past and limited to the few projects that really need it. At Codejig, we daily dedicate ourselves to fulfill the mission of creating the most flexible and powerful platform for building complex apps by simple means. Developer time is a precious resource that can be saved by focusing more on the business requirements and less on coding and frameworks.

We are here for you.

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