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The bridge between patients and the medical system

Improvement of patient experience and optimization of approach to treatment is a key to better healthcare service. We offer solutions for different areas of the medical system, such as patient engagement, mHealth and operations management to serve both patients and medical professionals. Break down barriers between departments, staff and customers by implementing a digital strategy for the healthcare of the new generation.

Streamline processes with automation

Get rid of internal boundaries and tons of paperwork - share information about the case between medical professionals inside the system by patient request. Generate, export and print branded documents, such as drug prescription lists, tickets for doctor appointments, doctor’s conclusions, and so on. Allow clinicians to cooperate, request resources or schedule operations for better communication and faster processing. Create your system, covering all the aspects with Codejig in weeks.

Manage access to patient’s data

Track progress of each patient case individually, attach additional materials such as results of lab analysis, x-Ray conclusion, images, etc. Share any document among other physicians of your patient with their consent and avoid tons of paperwork. Look up patient history and connect with them online. At Codejig, we highly value privacy and comfort, so we encourage institutions to tailor the software to fit the exact needs of their customers and staff without any violation of medical secrets or compromises in care.

Delegate banking to the Codejig system

Manage and coordinate insurance payment, process transactions online, with POS terminal or cash, and avoid any accounting confusion. Get bank statements and reports automatically generated any time you need them. From now on, it is easy for medical and commercial teams to work together, since Codejig apps can be integrated seamlessly with our ERP modules, providing a holistic system to manage all kinds of activities.

Personalize the patient’s experience

In our era of mobility and digitalization, the patient-centric healthcare model is a must. Allow your customers to schedule appointments, research available specialists, evaluate possible treatment, export doctor’s conclusions, request prescribed drugs and more using the web portal. With Codejig, we provide the ability to build and change patient-facing apps in a fast way. Integrate data from the existing system and provide experience on any platform and device, with full compliance to governmental standards.