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Manage all your banking effortlessly

Keeping up with your financial resource flows was never that easy

Make and receive payments in seconds

The Codejig ERP accounting software helps you to finalize sales, purchases, or any other transactions with receive and make payment documents. When created, they will clear liabilities on unpaid invoices and keep your accounting records in order.

Generate payments to be made and send them to your bank in just a few clicks

Our accounting software gives you complete control over your payments. Choose a bank and its currency, and this tool will compile a list of invoices to be covered. Pick invoices that your would like to pay for and they will be sent to your bank.

Create comprehensive databases of your banks and bank accounts

The Codejig ERP accounting software lets you add details about bank accounts, banks, and tax offices to their respective databases. These databases can be used to easily navigate through your records. You will be able to perform advanced searches and update them when the need arises.