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Stay in control of all incoming and outgoing invoices, avoid delay payments,
make sure your customers pay you in a timely manner.

A very important aspect of the finances of any business are the invoices. Invoices hold vital data about your customer, your company, and the services provided. They help you receive payments with ease and promptly. You and your clients also get legal protection from invoices and prove the source of income of your company. Even though they are relevant, creating them manually can be time-consuming and difficult. Most often, when you generate an invoice manually it is prone to contain errors. It is never a good idea to have errors in your invoices because it leads to late payments and distrust. With late payments, the flow of cash is disrupted. This means that you will pay your bills and employees late. Your company’s supplies may also go out of stock because you were late on payments. All these are major problems are bad for business.

What are the benefits of using the Codejig online invoice software?

Our online invoicing software has lots of features for you to benefit from. It provides users with easy invoicing and they can create invoices using real-time data. It is one of the best invoicing software for small, medium, and large businesses. Now, let's talk about some of its main invoicing features:

Create and send error-free invoices quickly

Since the invoices are generated automatically, the chances of making errors are few to none. You can also reduce invoicing by using preset inventory items and replicating past invoices.

Automate your workflow

Your employees do not need to perform tedious repetitive tasks and get bored. Our invoicing software will automate all those tasks and let your staff focus on other things that will bring more income to your business.