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Run Saas business
or use other distribution models

App Builder allows to create useful web applications very fast and with minimal development effort. In many cases the development workload is reduced by 5-10 times as compared to the traditional server-side web development technologies (PHP, Python, Java Spring or .NET MVC). This enables the company to develop MVP fast.

Codejig offers all the infrastructure needed for running SaaS business — allocation and billing server resources, handling user accounts, licenses, permissions and help desk. Codejig Partners share the same set of customer account management tools with Codejig. Partners are free to use their own pricing and business models.

If SaaS model or Codejig cloud does not fit particular business case, Partner can distribute the software as download of jar files or Docker containers which can be deployed on premises or in 3rd party cloud.

Partner does not pay anything until their business starts bringing revenue. If you think that 10% of revenue for these services is too high a commision — let's discuss it but, please, keep things in perspective and take a look at terms offered for developers, for example, by Apple store.