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Cubescom Brewery ERP — business software for small breweries

Brewery ERP was developed in collaboration with Teerenpeli. Teerenpeli Yhtiöt Oy is a family company engaged in restaurant, brewery and distillery operations as well as franchising business. Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery's needs were order and supply chain management,multi-warehouse management and alcohol reporting to the authorities.

In the autumn of 2019, Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery implemented the Brewery ERP solution delivered by Cubescom, which made it possible to monitor the number of brewery products manufactured, in stock, sold and removed, as well as to monitor the transfer of products between warehouses. The distinctive feature of the ERP system developed according to the company's requirements is that it also offers limited access to the system for the customers to create purchase orders. The company's employees have full access to process deliveries, purchase orders, receipts of products and services. In addition, Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery can now create the reports related to the production and sales of alcohol which are required by law.
"We are very pleased with the Brewery ERP solution provided by Cubescom. Thanks to it, we have automated the brewery's business processes, which resulted in the improvement of the company's productivity and the increase of the company's sales"
Anssi Pyysing, entrepreneur and chairman of the board
Cubescom is a Finnish software company that delivers solutions according to customer needs. Brewery ERP is developed on the Codejig low-code platform.


InterLogic, a group of companies specializing in consulting and outsourcing of software development, has a team of over 130 employees and independent contractors located in Denmark and Ukraine and customers in various EU countries. It faced a number of organizational and accounting challenges:

  • keeping track of its project, work, time and travel related expenses and eventually invoicing them to customers
  • handling HRM and payroll
  • making paperwork related to working with multiple independent contractors in a cross-border setting
  • meeting mandatory accounting, legal and tax requirements which are substantially different in both countries
  • keeping track of its finances and getting consolidated financial report

After switching to Codejig ERP, InterLogic gradually implemented custom management modules to handle these challenges. It kept business processes intact and employees and contractors did not have to spend time to learn how to work with the software or make the same things in a new way – every new module 100% reflected the existing processes. Resulting management software greatly reduced the accounting and management overhead expenses and provided top management with always updated overview of group performance on different levels.
"I would call it a process management framework rather than just ERP or accounting software. Some of the things it allows to do are very impressive and it is amazing how efficient our accounting has become."
Søren Thompsen, Founder

J&L Consulting

J&L Consulting, a team of professionals providing services in legal, tax and accounting consultancy, approached us to find a suitable solution for handling accounting of about 70 private entrepreneurs which they had as clients. While accounting itself was relatively straightforward, a lot of overhead expenses and problems were caused by the fact that clients were submitting their bank statements late, in different formats and through different channels. The statements were manually re-entered into spreadsheets and then data was copied once again into the 3rd-party software in order to generate xml reports for the tax office. The process was tedious and error-prone.

We took Codejig ERP, removed all the irrelevant for this case functionality and customized the chart of accounts to fit the accounting policy used by J&L. The system was enhanced with a front-end portal for submission of bank statements and automatic processing of different formats supported by the involved banks. The system automatically sends reminders and notifications for all parties to ensure that reporting dates are not missed. Tax reports for all clients are generated by single click and system ensures that all mandatory paperwork is done.
"The system saves us a lot of work. Previously a full-time employee had been engaged in this job during reporting periods and sometimes we had to allocate more people. Now she uses way less time and instead can help her colleagues with other tasks."
Peter Mejer-Rasmussen, CEO