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Build your vertical solution
on top of Codejig ERP

Codejig ERP offers a rich set of generic business functionality that covers most of the needs of a mid-sized company. However, out of the box it does not provide vertical functionality specific for a particular branch of business.

If you have a domain specific knowledge and experience in a particular vertical (i.e. construction, hospitality, real estate, auto-dealership, etc.), consider extending Codejig ERP with a branch specific functionality and offer it as a management solution for this branch.

There will certainly be some competition from existing vendors. However, in many cases existing vertical solutions have a number of deficiencies:

  1. Quite often they originated at the end of nineties. While they have a broad customer base and a solid revenue, they must handle the legacy technologies like Visual Basic 6 or .NET web pages. As a result, the engineering team of vendors offering such a solution is set with engineers who are current in outdated technologies. If faced with a competition, they won't be able to modernize on their own due to legacy, age and routine.
  2. Usually vertical solutions cover the branch-specific functionality well but address general business management in a rudimentary way. For example, most vertical solutions offer some invoice-making functionality but do not offer real accounting or offer it in an unusable form. Usually vertical solutions maintain a list of customers but it is a far cry from modern CRM software. As a result, end customers use vertical solutions for handling operations and have to use all sorts of other software to cover general business needs (accounting, CRM, HRM, expense management, etc).
  3. They are expensive — if one equalizes for differences imposed by distribution model, the resulting price per user per month is usually quite high. That is not a drawback in itself but it gives a nice playground for Codejig Partners.

By starting with Codejig ERP, Codejig Partner can concentrate on a vertical functionality and build on a solid foundation — all the general business features are already covered.

Usually due to existing functionality and unparalleled development speed and customization option, any existing vertical solution could be repeated within a few calendar months. This means that within a short period of time you will be able to offer modern SaaS based vertical solution for a particular industry and provide it as a customizable software — as far as we know no other technology provider can make such an offer to its partners.

Partner developing vertical solution benefits from conditions offered to Codejig resellers and is free to set their own price. We offer exclusive non-competitive rights for our Partners, so one should not fear internal competition or application being copied. If you see the possibility to disrupt a particular industry — do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to help with free training, our competences and, if necessary, inexpensive development services.

If you work in, manage or own a company which is selling vertical solutions — consider modernizing your existing solution by rewriting it with Codejig ERP. For a modest development ticket you'll get modern software and additional revenue due to customization features which will far surpass the small license fee that the company will incur.