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August 16th, 2019 Software development

Now, when the number of responsibilities and processes carried out at the same time only increases, people turn towards automation solutions. They use technology to do things for them. They develop more and more apps to automate the repetitive, tedious and difficult tasks to help them live their life with more ease and comfort. This tendency is even more vivid in the world of business - many organizations seek for automation solutions to survive and thrive in the fast-changing business environment.

We choose to automate monotonous business processes with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), an innovation which we have built in our application development platform, Codejig App Builder. Our platform allows to make business apps of wide spectrum fast and easy. A built-in AI is an additional feature of the App Builder which you can enable with just one mouse click. It doesn’t require any additional effort from your side.

How does it work?

Nowadays, the most progressive AI technologies are based on Machine Learning (ML). Using ML technology in application development implies that the system can train AI on a certain selection of data. The definitive feature of the Codejig App Builder is that it can be trained not on some abstract data, but on the type of data you shall be continuously working with. After having trained AI to the satisfactory level, you can extensively use it to automate your corporate business processes.

Say, you are making an accounting app for your business. When managing corporate accounting, you need to upload a ton of payments into the system, to import and analyze their data and then classify them according to the payment type. In order to make this process easier, you simply click on the Enable AI button in the App Builder editor and the app does that work for you.

Without any effort from your side your made and received payments are run through our trainable machine learning system, classified, and organized. Due to using a combination of machine learning and custom rules to automatically categorize your data, Codejig App Builder platform also allows you to match your transactions to your chart of accounts.

So, with the built-in AI, you can train your app to classify data based on your preferences in just 5 minutes and our machine learning platform will easily adapt to your needs. Artificial Intelligence opens wide perspectives for automation and allows to carry out much more business processes without unnecessary human intervention. Therefore, app development becomes more accurate and efficient, and flows more smoothly.