Приклади використання та відгуки

Деякі відгуки, які ми отримали від наших клієнтів


InterLogic, a group of companies specializing in consulting and outsourcing of software development, has a team of over 130 employees and independent contractors located in Denmark and Ukraine and customers in various EU countries. It faced a number of organizational and accounting challenges:

  • keeping track of its project, work, time and travel related expenses and eventually invoicing them to customers
  • handling HRM and payroll
  • making paperwork related to working with multiple independent contractors in a cross-border setting
  • meeting mandatory accounting, legal and tax requirements which are substantially different in both countries
  • keeping track of its finances and getting consolidated financial report

After switching to Codejig ERP, InterLogic gradually implemented custom management modules to handle these challenges. It kept business processes intact and employees and contractors did not have to spend time to learn how to work with the software or make the same things in a new way – every new module 100% reflected the existing processes. Resulting management software greatly reduced the accounting and management overhead expenses and provided top management with always updated overview of group performance on different levels.

SD Group

SD Group pursues many activities, such as metal cutting and painting, outdoor advertising, growing plants, housing administration and lease of real estate. As the company is active in different industries simultaneously, an effective business management tool was an absolute must. The management needed to understand how profitable each of the activities was and to keep better track of the expenses.

With Codejig ERP, SD Group satisfied their ambition in handling various on-going projects and activities in a logical and consistent way. Extensive control of sales and purchases processes met and surpassed company’s expectations. Usage of ERP’s profit center feature allowed it to track profitability of each business unit. A number of custom management tools have been developed to reflect specific business processes and expense tracking in each area. As a result, now the books of SD Group are organized, linked to daily operational activities and easy-to-access at any time. The system is used by all employees and top management has a clear overview of cash flow and overall performance.